Thousands sign the petition to prevent Jeff Bezos from returning to Earth

Petitions garner more than 45,000 signatures to keep the Amazon founder in space.

Without rising to the role of the outlaw, the founder of Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos to go back to the Earth for more than a few tens of thousands of signatures have been collected.

More than 45,000 people have signed petitions to prevent the millionaire from returning to space.

On June 7, Bezos announced that he and his brother Mark would fly the first flight based on his rocket company, Blue Origin.

Within just a few days after the announcement of the “Don’t pay Attention to Jeff Bezos go Back to Earth,” and “Don’t Let Jeff Bezos go Back to the World” applications are being launched.

More than 28 000 people have signed any of them The petition, entitled “do not have to be Jeff Bezos go back to the Earth.”

The signatories to the comments to explain why they signed the petition.

In the Amazon, you can avoid the tax rules

“Wealth inequality is the greatest evil on planet Earth. No one deserves to have billions of dollars, while others may suffer from stress, work full time, and not being able to pay for necessities, ” said one of the people who signed it.

Another wanted Bezos to pay for the “crimes against humanity”: “Jeff Bezos is a super-villain. The removal of any of its employees, and its refusal to make use of its power and privileges, for the benefit of mankind, and may be acceptable in the area. But here on earth, and they are crimes against humanity, and for that, you don’t allow them to get to the planet, and without the sacrifice for their grave sins.”

Blue Origin is planning its first suborbital journey of discovery in her space ship on the 20th of July, which is a very important moment in the race for a new era of private commercial space flight.

The new Shepard capsule and rocket, it is designed for autonomous flight, and six passengers, has more than 100 kilometers above the Earth into suborbital space, high enough to be able to survive for a few more minutes in zero-gravity, and can see the curvature of the planet, the pressure of the capsule returns to earth under a parachute.

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