The clubhouse has a new rival in Spotify Greenroom

Spotify Greenroom includes live rooms like Clubhouse, with the ability for any user to host or participate.

“Since the introduction of the dressing room in the app, we have been working on extending the possibilities for the creation of the live audio, and that it will inspire artists and listeners everywhere. And we didn’t want to do it with a flat twist, which used to work as an extension, an app popular with 356 million users. So, let’s call it the “Green Room” at Spotify, our founder and CEO, Daniel Ek, announced in an episode of the podcast, Spotify music: For the Record’ Spotify has been Recorded.

The app is available for iOS and Android devices, in more than 135 countries.

The app has room games, such as clubhouse, with the possibility for each user, in order to attend or participate, and recording capabilities, so that users can make their on-demand content, live discussions, as well as a discussion of controls. You can join a group or even create your own.

Chinese users in an American chat club

The development of the new offering, Spotify, said: “the Greenroom’s offering will continue to evolve as we learn more about the artists and the listeners want from the live audio experience. We also have Instagram, new, and interesting programs on the platform, including the music, culture, and entertainment, topics covered, in addition to sports content is, what makes the dressing room will do.

We believe that Music has the ability to not only transform the live stream, but it will also help you in the process of discovering, driving consumption, and speeding up the growth of the live class as a whole. Today, the mobile app launch is a great opportunity for you to start digging the foundation for an exciting list of Music features and content in our lives, the audio company.

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