The 10 Best Productivity Tools to Add More Hours to Your Day

If time is money, that is, in Apple’s stock, which you bought ten years ago, it can make you a very rich Scrooge McDuck.

I remember when I was a kid, it was cırpılmış confusing, plenty of shelves of books on time management. I think that’s a real holiday, how and experience. It’s all of that changes when you start to realize how precious time is, and with more and more ways to spend your usage, your time is now, than ever before, and we’re always on the lookout for a better way to beat the clock.

Today, I’m going to give away two cents with this list of the 10 best productivity tools to make better use of your short time in this majestic land. Feel free to save time and scan what you are interested in more, I’m going to be offended.

10 Productivity Tools to Turn You Into a Time Lord

Use these productivity and time management tools for efficient meetings, and project management, as well as to keep the time short, so you get to see how you do find yourself in an out-of-the-box in room. Good luck to you, traveler!

For: All-In-One Organization

There are a lot of apps who want to be online with the pad of his life. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. ProofHub

In 2011, ProofHub is a cloud-based project management and collaboration tool, to help you plan, collaborate, organize and complete projects in a timely manner. With thousands of the world’s ProofHub team, it eliminates the pain of managing projects through its simple interface and helpful features. It is also available as a mobile app, so you can stay connected to work while on the road (and who doesn’t want that?!)

ProofHub is a project planning software with every tools your team needs to get work done faster, together. No per user fee

Its features include case management, Discussions, Reviews, online Test, a Timer, a Gantt chart, calendar, notes, Reports, Files, and Third-party integration. The most recent of which is a personal favorite, ProofHub allows you to access Freshbooks, Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Onedrive, and Outlook, through its own user interface. This is a great way to keep all of your files are scattered around in the same place.

2. Asana

Asana is positioning itself as a team productivity tool to help everyone to stay in place and organized. It seemed to me that this is just a more complicated version of that type to a list. Presumably, all of this can be used for solo workers, and on a team, Asana helps to keep all of the projects and tasks in one place, when, to assign the different users in a variety of tasks.

Bring your teams, work, and apps together from anywhere in one tool with Asana

Asana is a free-to-start, and then you’ll have to pay $ 21 / month for 5 employees, with the price increases as you add new members to the team.

3. Freedcamp

Freedcamp is a service center, a place to plan, organize, and manage a project. Share projects, files, and take part in a discussion with co-workers. The firm is a Freedcamp, as they provide a LOT of functionality for free.

Freedcamp helps streamline projects, processes, workflows, track time and issues. It’s built for high-performance teams

And this is with the members, and sync with your Google Calendar, it would definitely add to the professional features of other software with Freedcamp, so that you can carry out the majority of the action completely free of charge. If you are the advanced features which the preparation of a bill for which you want to integrate, and you can pay for add-ons for firefox, so you only pay for what you need. I’ll definitely have to check it out!

For: Google Worshipers

4. Google Drive (and Company)

Google Drive with Google Docs and Google Sheets) to easily share and edit any of the files. The Team members are able to chat and share notes of your document. It is free, awesome, and don’t miss out.

Google Drive is a safe place to back up and access all your files from any device. Easily invite others to view, edit, or leave comments on any of your files

It should go without saying, but it’s a necessity. To speak about the performance, not to mention, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, at the same time that we are talking about it in April, not to mention the Game to “express their concern”. Neglect the important things!!!

These online marketing tools are designed to give you a lot of useful information about your website performance, traffic, referrals, and conversions (if it is configured, refer to the conversion, what are you * * * * * * the better)! Together, these tools can help you monitor and maintain your site so that it’s web-optimized as well as Google-friendly (which is basically the same thing these days.)

For: Mobile Mavericks 

5. Evernote

Evernote is a very comfortable and versatile application that allows you to save your recordings (audio and text), and organize the images, set reminders, and download your files in sync on different desktop and mobile devices. In addition, the Evernote bookmarklet makes it easy to cut it out of the articles, the web, and save them for later reading. If you’re constantly jumping around and having units, the unit for you.

Evernote is a powerful tool that can help executives, entrepreneurs and creative people capture and arrange their ideas. All you have to do is use it

For: Social Media Masterminds

6. HootSuite

Good-HootSuite is a very useful way of managing various social media platforms. Monitor all your social activity in a variety of networks, with an easy-to-use dashboard that allows you to schedule posts, and social tasks to co-workers, organize, Twitter lists, in order to measure productivity, and much, much more.

Enhance your social media management with Hootsuite, the leading social media dashboard.

7. Buffer

Buffer makes it pretty easy for you to share articles on social media, but without the headache and hassle. Only in the clipboard, connect your social media accounts and schedule for a certain period of time in order to share content. You can go online and you’ll see that in this article, you will know that you don’t like to subscribers; please click on the Sidebar of the bookmark, and the Buffer in order to allow it to be your turn, and then on to one of your nominated a total of times.

Build your audience and grow your brand on social media.

The buffer helps to promote good content on the web and helps you to save and share your content, so you have to shove the items in your followers ‘ throats right away.

8. IFTTT (If, This,Then,That)

IFTTT stands for If This, Then that, then you can create a “recipe,” so that the various programs and services in order to connect and work together. I, for example, create an IFTTT recipe that automatically uploads my Instagram photos to my Google Drive account. To create a good integration of the experience, zero programming experience! If you are not able to think, and you can do it.

Get started with IFTTT, the easiest way to do more with your favorite apps and devices for free. Make your home more relaxing. Make your work more productive.

IFTTT, which you can use in endless combinations, and only in relation to their social network. At the same time, the social network, the users will find this tool in their social networks.

For: Time Tracking

9. Toggl

Toggl is a simple time tracking tool, just tap on the Toggl, and your timer will start! This is a very easy, very simple, and easy way to track the amount of time it will take to accomplish a variety of tasks. Toggl, you can also view reports to see how much time you spend on different projects throughout the week.

We take the stress out of time tracking, project-planning, and hiring. Designed by and for teams that work from anywhere.

10. Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a Toggl concepts, but it also offers you more advanced features and functions.

Time-Saver can be installed on your computer system, and to control which apps and websites you spend the most time in. This is a pretty cool tool, and not just in where you’ll spend your time, but in the hours, you’ll have the most recent / most productive, but the best-and worst-days of the week, and month).

A Premium update allows you to block distracting websites as well as provide more and more of the filters. However, the free version is an impressive amount of information. Please try to Save Time, and to see how you can be more productive!

Only 10% of people say they feel “in control” of how they spend their time. RescueTime is the world’s most powerful time management software

This is the complete list of the best tools for personal and business productivity! Allow them to lead to faster, more efficient work. All of the great tools in order to improve the productivity and time management that I would like to have, recommended,, for,, we call it? Share your favorites in the comments section below.

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