Telecommunications Authority asked to take legal action against Facebook

Chairman of the Parlia­­mentary Committee on Kashmir Shehryar Khan Afridi on Thursday directed the chief of Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) to take legal action against Facebook.

ISLAMABAD: Kashmir, Chairman Shehryar Khan Afridi on Thursday, the director-general of the Pakistan telecommunications authority (PTA) to file a legal action against Facebook over its “actions” to be taken to Pakistan and Kashmir, and social media activists.

At the same time is the chairman of the committee, the meeting, Mr. Afridi is asked why the PTA officials to take action against Facebook, the management, and the fact that the social media platform that is not part of Pakistan, and the website’s decision did not reach an agreement with the government.

The meeting was attended by officials from the Ministry of foreign affairs, on behalf of the Hurriyat Conference of Parties (APHC), and others. Chaudhry Victory, managing director, Canada, Pakistan, and Global Congress, to take part in the session, it can be said that the.

Unanimously, adopted two resolutions condemning both of India’s recent moves, and the deployment of the armed forces of India are illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and the recent terrorist attacks on the Muslim families in Canada.

The committee also approved a roadmap for the grant of overseas travel services in the country.

The committee was informed by the PTA President of her Major Amir Azim Bajwa, about the steps that have been taken to Facebook, management, in conjunction with the end-stop of the user and to the sides.

He said that the PTA is to pay attention to a social networking platform, which applies to Pakistanis and Kashmiris by half-human rights defenders, who write about the human rights situation in the occupied Kashmir.

However, the committee’s chairman reached out to Mr. Bajwa asked why the management of Facebook and Twitter had not yet opened its office in Pakistan.

Mr. Afridi and pushed Facebook’s request to suspend multiple accounts, and in the pages of Pakistan, the user is asked to the head of the PTA, which of the business, its organization, had taken to Facebook team.

He was also asked about the Facebook representative who declined to participate in this meeting, and gave it to the head of the parent committee is to ensure that Facebook employees were in attendance at the next meeting.

Mr. Afridi is ordered to invite all interested parties to a meeting of the committee is to consider the issues.

Syed Faiz Naqshbandi, the organizer of the AFC, ” said Mr. Afridi’s instructions, and said that the Kashmiris, in general, highly satisfied with the results of the government’s diplomatic proposal.

He informed the members about the latest developments taking place in India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and said that there were rumors about India’s plan to move the capital to countries with a Muslim majority, in Srinagar, the Hindu-majority Jammu, and the strengthening of the profession.

The committee noted the following in Occupied Kashmir, the reports of the military capabilities have been improved, and a new plot of land that has been prepared in order to further distinguish and divide the state of Jammu and Kashmir, the army, the Government of India, and the possible future of the unlawful actions in violation of united nations security council (unsc) resolutions, with the aim of changing the demographic situation has been called into question, and in the occupied territories.

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