Netflix to launch an online store

Netflix shop will sell limited edition products, in addition to products available at retail stores

Netflix is going to launch an online store to sell clothing, lifestyle products, and collectors ‘ items, which is based on the popular show, the streaming giant announced on Thursday.

Netflix and online shop. The store seems to be in the united states for the first time, and it will expand to additional countries in the next few months.

The store is going to be on a regular basis to sell a small portion of the revenue that is generated in conjunction with the products, the items that are available in the stores, and by their partners.

The latest release comes in the midst of an increase of power to compete with a growing number of companies that are launching their services, and to fight for consumers ‘ attention with the new shows and TV series.

Netflix and is creating a game based on the show “Stranger Things” and ” La casa de Paper, Money, Robbery)”.

Netflix’s subscriber Growth is slowing after the Virus boom,

Ingredients, makes its debut this month, the clothing, and figures from anime series, “Yasuke,” and “Oath”), among others, according to Netflix. The company is also planning to release high-end products all based on the hit show, ” the Last “and” Stranger Things.”

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