Govt, Facebook partner to fight Covid-19 misinformation

Over 3 billion messages have been sent by the government, nonprofits to citizens through the WhatsApp chatbots on Covid -19

The Government of Pakistan is working with Facebook to fight Covid-19. In Pakistan, more than 32 million people have received authoritative information on Covid-19 prevention and vaccination, by means of a campaign, and social media posts, conducted by the Department of Public Health, and Digital Media as well as by the Ministry of Information (DMW), in partnership with Facebook. Facebook has offered support, marketing, and advertising credits to these campaigns, and helped lead the government to increase audience engagement on those posts between March 16 and April 6, 2021.

As part of this campaign, Facebook, and Ministries focus on the creation of videos and posts that are directed at increasing the public’s confidence in vaccines. The post campaigns, and helped the Ministry of Public Health to increase the total number of likes on the page to be 470,000, with the government, and the ability to connect to it with the involvement of stakeholders and to provide them with information.

As the Covid-19 vaccine available to large groups, Facebook launches a new profile with Facebook in co-operation with the Ministry of Health of the users to be a part of their support for the vaccination of family and friends. Research shows that when people see other people they know and trust to get the vaccine, they will be encouraged to do the same. This can be especially useful when it comes to the support of the people, who would otherwise have to be insecure about getting vaccinated.

Speaking about the service provided by Facebook, Dr. Faisal Sultan Is an Adviser to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Health, said:” We are very grateful for the assistance and support of Facebook, in the fight against Covid-19. We reached out to, and 76% of our target audience with our campaign, and social media posts. The pandemic has highlighted the need for digital tools to use in order to communicate critical health information to the public and to ensure their safety and health.”

During the pandemic, Facebook has worked closely with government ministries to direct people to reliable information on Covid-19. A social media campaign to identify Covid-19-related misinformation has also launched you’re up for the Facebook community in Pakistan, in collaboration with the Digital Media wing of the Ministry of Information.

Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Information, and a Tv set said: “We are really appreciated for your hard work, you are working with the Ministry of Health and the New Media Wing of the Pakistan Government to work together to bring an exciting campaign in collaboration with Facebook. In the digital age, which is why it is important to distinguish between information and misinformation. Facebook, supports the dissemination of accurate information by their level of involvement in the removal of misinformation and fact-checking their messages. We are looking forward to working with Facebook in the future, and to ensure that the people of our country, and accurate information.”

The Vice-prime Minister, urging the crowd not to pay attention to the false information about vaccines

Facebook is taking aggressive steps for the removal of harmful misinformation, and connect people to resources available for health. Since the start of the pandemic in March of 2020, Facebook has removed more than 16 million pieces of content from Facebook and Instagram around the world, for the violation of any of the rules and regulations related to the misinformation and the harm associated with Covid-19. Between March and October of 2020, Facebook issued an alert about that to about 167 million pieces of content on Facebook globally, based on the Covid-19-related, and these articles are written by our fact-checking partners.

Globally, Facebook has launched with more than 2 billion people in the health status of the resources on the Covid-19 Information Center and pop-ups on Facebook and Instagram, which has more than 600 million people in order to learn more.

In WhatsApp, more than 3 billion messages sent to it by the public authorities, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations, in order to the citizens by the government chatbots on WhatsApp for Covid-19.

Sekhar, Tariq, is one of the leading public policy expert in Pakistan on Facebook, he said: “We Work closely with the Ministry of Health and the new media wing of the Ministry of Information of Pakistan, we have been hard at work to help users in Pakistan, to get more reliable information. We would like to express our gratitude to The Hon. Fawad Chaudhry, Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Dr. Faisal Sultan, SAPM for the Health of your Business, your coordination and support they have provided to our team throughout the entire process. We are on Facebook, we will continue to work in the fight against the pandemic, made it easier for the government and the community in Pakistan and all over the world. And we hope that you will continue to extend our support and expertise where possible, the Government of Pakistan’s fight against Covid-19. It is very important that we come together as a community to protect ourselves and others, is to provide reliable information on the health and the maintenance of confidence in vaccines in the community.”

Imran Ghazali, CEO of the Digital Media Wing (DMW), said: “it is one of the important steps in order to win the fight against Covid-19, is to create awareness among the masses, with the most current and reliable health information, while at the same time, the fighting misinformation on social media. As such, the partnership with Facebook, which plays an important role in the release of a vaccine, the registration is related to the information available to the general public, in addition to the SOP, and we will continue to work with Facebook to reach and engage more with the people in the united states of America.”

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