Google is the Two-promote the integration of products and services

For now, it is gaining momentum, users, and development, and the avoidance of sexist, ableist and discriminatory language in favor of a more inclusive alternative.

Google’s mission is to improve on their standards, inclusion, and integrity of the data. In the past, he has worked to improve his parts of the line, and he is now working to improve the working surface of the products, and services.

Google style guide will help deter users, and programmers from using sexist, abusive, or obscene language.

In practical terms, this means that you will type in the word ‘police’, for example, Google asked you to change, “the police” and “the president” is going to be “in the chair”, and “man-hours” – the “man-hours”. If you write, ” … there is also information about some of the crazy releases, you will be asked to change, “I also have information on some of the crazy input.”

Introducing smart canvas—a new product experience that transforms collaboration in #GoogleWorkspace. Learn about the new ways to collaborate in #GoogleDocs, #GoogleSheets, #GoogleSlides, and more

The new feature, and the Style Guide, the new features have been introduced to Google in the Smart Cloth is a collaboration platform that enables users to work together in order to make it easier and more efficient across all of the company’s platforms, Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This was announced by Mr. Single, ” the head of Google, and the vice-president of Google, working space, at the Google I/O conference. I hope in the fight against the sexist bias is going to be in the spirit of “the man” at the beginning of the year.”

Google’s internal style guide of this update, the challenges facing the developers, in order to prevent the use of “is already in full of the language, in its document. This is a fun step because a lot of people choose the language in which you would like to make use of the platform will depend on whether the platform is also using it as a developer, use, and makes it possible for you to use.

The Tech giant has also announced its intention to introduce other styles and deals that will help in their social integration. For example, he would like to avoid the passive voice, or “offensive language.” However, it is not clear what would be considered offensive to some.

Google has in the past been criticized for insulting words or phrases in the search auto-complete options, and suggestions. In 2016, it is stable, it introduced its auto-complete, and since it was well known that in the making of racist and offensive suggestions. Even in the year 2018, released an update that didn’t have a chance to auto-complete, email, and/or phone the gender of the pronoun.

This is a long-awaited change, because the world is mostly working online, and it’s important to understand what the language, and the language, the words, the sentence is. Hopefully, this change will contribute to the strengthening of social integration.

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