Facebook asks users: Are your friends becoming extremists?

The world’s largest social media network has long been under pressure from lawmakers and civil rights groups to combat extremism on its platforms.

Facebook Inc is beginning to warn some users that they may see them “excessive” on social media, the company said on Thursday.

Screenshots shared on Twitter showed a notification asking “Are you worried that someone you know is becoming dangerous?” and another warning users “may have been exposed to extremely harmful content recently.”

Both included links to “get support”.

The world’s largest social media network has long been under pressure from law enforcement and human rights activists at its foundations, including American civil society organizations involved in the January 6 Capitol violence when groups supporting former President Donald Trump tries to block US Congress from securing JoeNNove Biden’s election victory.

Facebook claims that a small experiment, located in its largest square, was operating in the United States as the driver of global radicalization measures in the region.

“This test is part of our core business of exploring ways to provide resources and support to people on Facebook who may be involved or exposed to the extremes, or who do not know the person at risk,” a Facebook spokesman said in an email. “We have partnered with non-governmental organizations and education professionals in the area and hope to share more in the future.”

He said the effort was part of his commitment to Christchurch’s Call to Action, a campaign that includes high-tech platforms to combat violent online content launched following the 2019 New Zealand attacks that were broadcast live on Facebook.

Facebook said in a test that it identified both users who may have been exposed to excessive content and users who have been used by Facebook in the past.

The company, which has tightened its rules on combating violent and hateful groups in recent years, has said it removes some content and accounts that violate its rules strictly before the content is visible to users, but some content can be viewed before it is enforced.

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