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Can you believe it? 3DS Max adds PBR items!

But wait… this is not 2016… this is 2021! Even real-time calculators have had PBR for a while now. I’m glad you were able to go to the party anyway. As a long-time user, I am pleased to see PBR being adopted as a traditional format. Arriving at a party is better than I think.

I’ve already dismissed the 3DS Max 2020 as a ghost development and I’m probably getting a lot harder on Autodesk as Max is an outstanding product that has come a long way over the years. There’s a reason Max is still a tool in high-end productions from games to video and film. It is stable and inconsistent. I have used and taught it for so many years I don’t remember the original version now but Discreet had it at the time.

It seems I have been under a lot of pressure from Max’s development over the last few years because some brands have added a lot of weight and whistles. In fairness however… most of those tools were already in Max so there was no fanfare. In some areas however… are lagging behind and PBR / donation materials were one of these areas.



MAXScript is a built-in writing language that can be used to perform repetitive tasks, integrate existing functionality in new ways, develop new tools and user interactions, and much more. Plugin modules can be built entirely within MAXScript.

Character studio

Character Studio was a plugin based on version 4 of Max now integrated into 3ds Max; helps users to live real characters. The program works using character strings or “Cut” bones with stock settings that can be customized and customized to fit the design features and animation requirements. The tool also includes robust IK / FK switching tools, Pose manipulation, Layers and Keyframing functionality, and sharing animation details across all Biped bones. These “Hidden” objects have other useful properties that help to speed up the production of movement cycles and movement pathways, as well as secondary movements.

Scene Explorer

Scene Explorer, a tool that provides an overview of event sequence and analysis, helps to work with complex scenes. Scene Explorer has the ability to filter, sort, and group search for any type of object or property (including metadata). Added to 3ds Max 2008, it was the first to simplify NET-managed code in 3ds Max without MAXScript.

DWG Import

3ds Max supports importing and linking .dwg files. Improved memory management in 3ds Max 2008 enables larger scenes to be imported with more features.

Handling / texture arrangement

3ds Max offers creative texture functions and planar maps, including typing, mirror making, decals, angle, rotation, shading, UV expansion, and relaxation; Remove distortion; Store UV; and export of UV template image. The functionality of the texture includes the ability to integrate an unlimited amount of texture, an object/map browser with drag and drop support, and hierarchies with icons. UV workflow features include a Pelt map, which defines custom layers and enables users to open UVs according to those seams; copy/paste objects, maps, and colors; and access to quick map types (box, cylindrical, circular).

Creating standard keys

Two-way lock – set key and car key – provides flow support for different key function functions
Quick and accurate key design controls – including cutting, copying, and pasting – allow the user to easily create images. Animation trajectories can be viewed and edited directly in the viewing area.

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