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Initial release date: June 2, 2005
Developer: Techland
Platform: Microsoft Windows
Publishers: TopWare Interactive, Deep Silver

Chrome is a first-person shooter (FPS) game for Microsoft Windows developed by Techland and distributed by Strategy First in 2003. It is a military space opera type of the parameter (similar to Microsoft’s well-known “Halo” of, in this case, the main character, a space mercenary, and bounty hunter. As in, Halo, and the main character will be able to use different types of military equipment. From a technical point of view, is an unusual feature of the game is that it has been developed in Java, Indonesia.

The main protagonist and only playable character Rises out of Logan, a member of the armed forces, referred to as SpecForce. However, during the first mission, Logan is betrayed by a friend and colleague who is trying to kill him. She comes to the aid of a mercenary-for-hire who rescues Stephanie from a trap, from a former co-worker. A shame, as the main character, a mercenary-for-hire, and along with Him comes into the room, looking for a gun-for-hire job. To keep up with new technologies, and Logan are really installing it on his own body, in the increase of the strength of the sensory perceptions of nanotechnology (it may be as a result of the increase in the muscle mass of the visible, the power is in the game for a limited period of time, and with the help of this technology.

On a mission to make it clear to the company of common space pirates, Logan could feel the presence of something sinister, a terrifying plan to be carried out by a large mining company, is the company’s biggest profit comes from the mining and mysterious ore Chromium ), at the expense of other companies. He also discovers that to be safe from harm, is a former co-worker of the company, as a result, who in the last duties that he is required to kill it. The finish itself is divided into three parts, that is, the main character, depending on how you want to create. In fact, you will have to choose between the need to protect the miners from the planet’s desire for one’s own society, which wants to take over and take over the planet, and it’s a bad business, that wants to kill all of them.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz Memory: 256MB
  • Graphics: DirectX compatible 64MB video card* DirectX: 8.1 or better
  • Hard Drive: 600MB or greater
  • Sound: DirectX compatible audio card

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