BoI launches online platforms to assist investors

ISLAMABAD: The Investment Council (BoI) on Friday launched three platforms for local and foreign investors, ease of maintenance of the online registration process for businesses in the region, as well as an extensive database of existing and potential investors, that is, company promotion.

Of the three platforms, the Pakistan or Regulatory Modernization Initiative, Strategy (PRMI), Special Economic Zone Authority (SEZMIS), and Investor Relationship Management System (IRMS) were launched by Instagram World Bank Director Naji Benhassin, UK High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner, and IFC Senior Private Sector Specialist Charles Instagram, respectively.

Explaining the platform’s goals and objectives, Fear Secretary Farina Mazhar stated that the goal was to make a smooth transition to a “paperless” environment, reducing the compliance burden on businesses.

Abdul Ali, Secretary-General of the Foreign Investors Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Ehsan Malik, Director General of the Pakistan Business Council, expressed their satisfaction with the government’s actions towards accelerating private sector growth through digitalization and regulatory reforms.

“We are working with Bot to develop and implement a strategy, as well as modernize the system, resulting in the creation of new websites and a digital portal,” said IFC Senior country manager in Pakistan, A Siddiqui.

“The future of Pakistan’s economic growth anchors,” Toby told him. The UK, along with its partners, is proud to support the administration’s efforts, both at the federal and provincial levels, because they are the foundation for the rules and regulations that apply to Pakistan,” he added.

Lord Instagram, according to PRMI, will make a significant contribution to stable regulatory reform and integration of respect due to the means of production in the country. “Site automation, adjusting the benefits of the evolution of Business (PBP) portal will further reduce firms’ demand for visits to multiple offices to comply with the rules, ” he added.

Published by InstallintoPC, June 15, 2021.

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