Amazon raises minimum pay in Germany to 12 euros per hour

Germany is the largest market in the Amazon after the US, and Verdi has been protesting against lower wages since 2013.

Le Maire acknowledged there were several obstacles still to overcome before the world could apply the digital tax regime

FRANKFURT: Amazon will guarantee a minimum wage of its German warehouse at 12 euros (US $ 15) an hour, the company said on Friday (June 11) in the face of a long-running battle with a top trade union.

Germany is the largest market on Amazon after the United States, and the Verdi union has been planning strikes in the Amazon in the country since 2013 to protest low wages and unfavorable conditions.

Wage increases are effective from July and are compared to an entry rate of less than 11.30 euros per hour in some areas, even if payment exceeds 12 euros in some areas.

Amazon earnings exceed the current German minimum wage of 9.50 euros per hour. But workers are still on strike, as last year coincided with a US $ 1.6 trillion global corporate promotion event. They were happy that the coronavirus bonus had been removed.

A Verdi official said the increase was the smallest thing a company could do after “earning a good cent in recent months” and that the money was still not in line with its demands for many employees.

Amazon – earning a full profit rising to the US $ 8.1 billion in the first quarter, more than tripling from the US $ 2.5 billion last year – has faced similar criticism of the situation and paid worldwide.

A spokesman for Amazon in Germany said all employees would receive a salary, and Amazon said in a statement that another increase was planned for the future.

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